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Experience IT infrastructure management so smooth and flawless you’ll forget it’s there. Curb runaway costs, gain control and find out what high performance IT means for your company. We are Hurricane Computer Solutions!
We built this company from a genuine love and passion for technology that began with our President, James Caldwell redesigning computers, servers and IT systems from the age of 14. We specialize in complex IT infrastructures designed to simply work! Through proactive maintenance and unique automated processes, our services go way beyond the “break-fix” model. We offer a finely tuned IT system that operates flawlessly, allowing you to reduce frustration, diminish stress and create a focused and productive work environment. Stop tripping over IT problems and micromanaging technology issues. Create a manageable and predictable IT budget and rein in run-away costs for good.
We run all our services out of one central location in Calgary, Alberta and operate our own cloud. Owning our entire IT infrastructure allows us maximum comprehension of potential issues and the ability to serve you better with faster response times and complete management of your IT system. Get expert advice on your current IT and find out what high performance really looks like. Create a vision for the future of your business and we’ll design and implement a supportive IT infrastructure. Hurricane Computer Solutions for complex IT infrastructures that simply work!
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