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Leadstone Group, Data Shapers and our journey with Oilfield HUB

In early 2011, Leadstone Group was approached by the development team behind Oilfield HUB to conduct a Sales Funnel Analysis of the product and the sales process behind it. Leadstone Group soon came to realize the Oilfield HUB application would be a great complementary product offering from a sales and marketing services perspective, if it was repositioned in the marketplace to better represent Oil and Gas service and supply vendors.

Leadstone's vision simply stated; bring more Vendors on board with Vendor Relationship Manager (VRM) to generate more interest from Operators. We could see how the Oilfield HUB VRM solution would greatly improve participating Oil and Gas Operator's buying processes, and we at Leadstone Group would leverage our involvement, experience and expertise with Oracle in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) space to make it a success.

Clearly recognizing the merits of Oilfield HUB, Leadstone Group came to an agreement with the previous product owners to take over the Oilfield HUB application. While Leadstone Group would handle all of Oilfield HUB's sales and marketing efforts, there was still a need for a technology partner to enhance and commercialize the great idea that is Oilfield HUB. Another Calgary based company with a proven track record in Managed Application Services, Data Shapers, was the obvious choice. Data Shapers is responsible for all Oilfield HUB development, hosting and management of the application from cradle to next generation.

Leadstone Group and Data Shapers have formed a strategic partnership that will lead participating Oilfield HUB Vendors and Operators down a clear path to great success.

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